Pathway Ground Stakes 50 Count

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Pathway ground stakes are used for managing string light cords to display along a pathway or walkway and to secure the light in an upright position \n \nProduct Details \n??? 50 pathway ground stakes for string lights \n??? 1.375??? x 1??? x 4.625??? sturdy rigid black polypropylene plastic \n??? Designed for electric cord management for outdoor string lights and to stake into the ground along a pathway or walkway \n??? Use with traditional string light cords \n \nDescription \nStrong pathway ground stakes 1.375"W x 1"D x 4.625"H. Displaying illuminated string lights along your walkway or garden bed can create a magical and festive effect. It???s so easy to use! 1) Attach bulb socket to pathway ground stake and tuck cord into channels on both sides. This will hold the bulb socket in an upright position. 2) Lay the cord in the desired location; using an extension cord if necessary to connect to an outlet. 3) Push pathway stake into the ground securely at desired location and plug in. \n \nUses \n??? Ideal use for displaying electric string lights along a pathway; sidewalk; drive way; around the pool area or along a garden bed